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customer feedback
MILES helped me get a new car in 2009! Its still running like new. Thank You! Mark Kowalski
I recently purchased a 2009 Town and Country. I had some debt issues, all from before the military, for the most part. Now, my wife and I are proud to be driving an awesome vehicle that fits our needs, and be proud to have met some extremely dedicated people. James Armstrong
I highly recommend MILES to military personnel. They made my car buying experience seamless and hassle free. Thank you! Yasser Ayerdis
As a military service member, I am glad to be a member of the MILES program. They helped me when I needed it most. Daniel Lakey
MILES Helped us get our first car and worked with us on filing quickly before my husband deployed. Thank you all so much! Megan Conner
The MILES program really bailed me and my family out when we needed a 2nd car and no one else would finance us. I got a lower interest rate than other dealers offered and the payment is right in my range. No headaches whatsoever and I was approved in 2 days. Joshua Day
The MILES program really came thru for us! A special THANKS to Rick for going above & beyond to assist us! Carol Cropper
Thank you for your help. I never thought I would ever be able to get a car with my credit being shot because all my bills went to collections while I was at basic training. But yall really helped and put me into a 2010 Dodge Charger and I LOVE IT! Thanks So Much. Robert Wainwright
My husband and I just finished purchasing our 2nd car through MILES this weekend. As always, they're a dream to work with. You guys really bend over backwards for your customers. Thanks again! Katy Hall
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